The first telegraph message in Russian Empire was sent on November 1st 1852 particularly from Riga. The same as then, today Riga, as an important financial and business center, uses the most sophisticated technologies to date.
Already in the 13th century Riga had established the traditions of an important Hanseatic League city. Openness, networking, reputation, economical independence, purposefulness, determination and patronage – these are the values of Hansa’s alliance and are embedded in the operations of Prudentia today.
It is often believed that the Hanseatic League was the first unified market in Europe. Networking and openness unified Riga, Lubeck, Gdansk, Tallinn, Visby, Stockholm, Wismar and series of other merchant cities.
At the end of the 19th century Riga was a regional metropolis of the Baltic Sea region with 300 000 inhabitants. Riga, as the largest port in the Tsardom of Russia, became the trade and industrial center of the region. Nowadays, Riga continues to fulfill the functions of a financial and business center within the region.